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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ceramic smokeware safe to use?

Short answer, yes all pieces sold on this site are safe for use. longer answer, it depends on the ceramic. As long as the piece is fired to the correct temperature based on the clay it was made from, and properly glazed with a non-toxic, lead-free glaze it will have a nonporous, glass-like surface and be perfectly safe to use.

Will these ceramic slides fit with my glass smokeware?

Yes! I'm excited to say that all my male, and female, 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, slides will all fit with their corresponding glass part :) 

Only 18mm male available for now. 

Female of all, 10mm, and 14mm still to come.

Do you only have 18mm?

For now yes :( I am working on the rest though :)

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